Personal Training

Here at Stouffville Joint Venture Fitness & Physiotherapy, our personal trainers will guide and motivate you to adopt a healthier lifestyle allowing you to be stronger from the inside out.

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Personal training can help you develop the best routine for your needs and then provide you with the discipline to stick to it. Through assessment of your fitness needs, Personal Training provides personalized exercise programs that are leading-edge helping you to achieve exceptional results.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Personal Training has been shown to give you 80% better results & up to 3 times faster than on your own

    • With a Personal Trainer, your workout is tailored to you specifically-your needs and concerns
    • Helps to prevent "work out boredom" and to break through the "plateaus"
    • A Personal Trainer will keep you motivated and accountable
    • One on one training helps you learn how to train your body properly on your own

    • No pre-planning your workout, it’s already done for you; all you have to do is show up!

Personal Training Rates

Group - Sold in packages of 5

1 Hour

  • 2 people = $32.00/person/session
3 people = $28.00/person/session
  • 4 people = $25.00/person/session

½ Hour

  • 2 people = $20.00/person/session
  • 3 people = $17.00/person/session
4 people = $14.00/person/session

1-on-1 Sessions

1 Hour

  • 1 Session: $60
5 Sessions: $275
  • 10 Sessions: $500

½ Hour

  • 1 Session: $35
5 Sessions: $175
  • 10 Sessions: $320

Plus HST

Call or email us to inquire about our specialty packages: sjvfitness [at]

All Personal Training Sessions include:

30 minute consultation with the trainer

2 fitness classes of your choice